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Unraveling the Success: A Comprehensive Look at Emraan Hashmi's Top Movies

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The Ultimate List of Emraan Hashmi's Top-Rated Movies

Emraan Hashmi Top Movies List: Emraan Hashmi is a prominent actor in the Indian film industry, known for his versatile roles and performances. Over the years, he has delivered several hit movies, and his popularity has only continued to soar. In this article, we take a closer look at Emraan Hashmi's top movies and what makes them stand out.
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Emraan Hashmi's career took off with his debut movie "Footpath" in 2003, and since then, he has been a regular fixture in Bollywood. He has acted in over 40 movies and has won numerous accolades for his performances. Some of his top movies include "Murder," "Gangster," "Jannat," "Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai," "The Dirty Picture," and "Awarapan."

Top 6 Movies of Emraan Hashmi That Won Audience Hearts

emraan hashmi and mallika sherawat hot

1. "Murder" (2004) was a breakthrough movie for Emraan Hashmi, and it established him as a leading actor in Bollywood. The movie, directed by Anurag Basu, was a thriller and a box-office hit. The chemistry between Emraan Hashmi and his co-star Mallika Sherawat was much talked about, and the songs of the movie were also a hit.

emran hashmi, kangana ranaut and shiney ahuja

2. "Gangster" (2006) was another movie that garnered critical acclaim for Emraan Hashmi. Directed by Anurag Basu, the movie was a romantic thriller that also starred Kangana Ranaut and Shiney Ahuja. Emraan Hashmi played the role of a gangster, and his performance was widely appreciated.

imran hashmi and sonal chauhan

3. "Jannat" (2008) was a commercial success and was one of the highest-grossing movies of that year. The movie was directed by Kunal Deshmukh, and Emraan Hashmi played the lead role with Sonal Chauhan, He started as a small-time gambler who becomes a bookie. The movie's songs were also a hit, and the movie's success led to a sequel titled "Jannat 2."

emraan hashmi, ajay devgn and kangana ranaut

4. "Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai" (2010) was a period drama that was set in the 1970s and 1980s in Mumbai. The movie was directed by Milan Luthria and starred Ajay Devgn, Kangana Ranaut, and Prachi Desai, along with Emraan Hashmi. Emraan Hashmi played the role of a gangster named Shoaib, and his performance was much appreciated.

emraan hashmi, vidya balan, naseeruddin shah and tusshar kapoor

5. "The Dirty Picture" (2011) was a biopic on the life of South Indian actress Silk Smitha. The movie was directed by Milan Luthria, and Emraan Hashmi played the role of a director named Abraham who falls in love with Silk Smitha. The movie was a commercial success and won several awards, including National Film Award for Best Actress for Vidya Balan.

emran haashmi, shriya saran and mrinalini sharma

6. "Awarapan" (2007) was a romantic thriller that was directed by Mohit Suri. The movie starred Emraan Hashmi and Shriya Saran in lead roles. Emraan Hashmi played the role of a hitman who falls in love with a girl from his past. The movie's songs, especially "Toh Phir Aao," were widely appreciated, and the movie was a moderate success.

In conclusion, Emraan Hashmi has delivered several hit movies throughout his career, and his performances have always been appreciated. His range as an actor and his ability to bring depth and nuance to his characters have made him one of the most sought-after actors in Bollywood.

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