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Karen Gillan Husband: Inside Her Marital Status and Dating Life

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Karen Gillan Spouse: What is Her Marital Status?

Karen Gillan Past Relationships: Karen Gillan is a Scottish actress who has gained immense popularity for her roles in movies like Jumanji and Guardians of the Galaxy. Along with her acting career, her personal life has also garnered a lot of attention. Fans are curious about her relationship status, particularly her husband and marital life. | Last Updated: 08/04/2023

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As of 2022, Karen Gillan is not married and has never been married. Despite being in the public eye, she has managed to keep her relationships very private. However, there have been rumors and speculations about her past relationships.

In 2012, Karen was reportedly in a relationship with British photographer Patrick Green. The couple was spotted together at several events and even traveled together.
rumors about her physical relationships, karen gillan's dating life
Karen and Patrick

However, they never publicly confirmed their relationship, and it eventually fizzled out.

After that, there were rumors that Karen was dating American actor and comedian Matt Smith. The two had worked together on the TV show Doctor Who, and their on-screen chemistry had sparked rumors about a real-life romance. However, Karen and Matt denied the rumors and maintained that they were just good friends.
all film cast together including karen-gillan
Doctor Who

speculation relation between karen and matt
Comedian Actor Matt Smith

Apart from these rumors, there is no concrete information about Karen's dating life. She has never revealed any details about her romantic relationships or her ideal partner.
Karen has also been vocal about her desire to keep her personal life private and away from the media glare.

Finally Karen Got Married with NickKocher

The news of Karen Gillan's marriage took everyone by surprise when the Marvel star announced it on Instagram. She revealed that she had tied the knot with Nick Kocher at the Castle Toward in Scotland in May 2022. The couple had managed to keep their wedding a secret for several months, leaving fans thrilled and curious about the newlyweds.

surprise marriage photo of karen's with nick
Karen Gillan and Husband Nick Kocher

In conclusion, Karen Gillan's surprise marriage to Nick Kocher has left fans excited and eager to know more about the newlyweds. The couple managed to keep their wedding under wraps for several months, which only added to the excitement of the news. While details about their relationship and wedding are still scarce, it is clear that Karen is happily married and starting a new chapter in her personal life. Fans will undoubtedly continue to follow the couple's journey and wish them all the happiness in the world.

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