Sunday, December 9, 2018

Pastel Portrait: Evan David Jefferson Painting Demo In Soft Pastels

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Soft Pastel Portrait Painting By Bogra Art Studio

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Hello again!!
I wanted to come back with a very special portrait..And having something good to show. To paint this portrait was very intense and emotional for me and it came to me very quickly. Giving freedom to my emotions expressed through the colors and strokes. This is a portrait of a young gifted craft-man who passed away recently...The portrait was commissioned by his mother... For this work I have used mostly Unison Soft Pastels on dark grey Canson paper, the biggest size available, 29 x 43 inches. Big sizes allows me to be more expressive, something I felt necessary in this case.

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Photos: "Screenshots" From Pastel Portrait For Your Reference

pastel portraits, finish painting of late, mr. evan david jeffersonpastel portraits, draw first before starting soft pastels

pastel portraits, initial stage of paintingpastel portraits, basic tones of face colors

pastel portraits, feeling the face colorspastel portraits, outline of eyes

pastel portraits, filling colors on eyespastel portraits, long shot of full painting

pastel portraits, blending face colorspastel portraits, closeup details of shirt

pastel portraits, giving shirt i white colorpastel portraits, filling out background colors

pastel portraits, hands closeup image during processpastel portraits, she is giving painting to finishing touch

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  1. Great piece of art, very detailing work congrates bogra art studio


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