Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Petrol Diesel | Why PETROL Price So HIGH in India | Truth Behind PETROL, DIESEL Prices

Petrol Diesel | Hey Guys,
In this video i'll explain you why Petrol or Diesel prices are very high in INDIA, Whats the reason behind Price Hike & why government is unable to decrease PETROL & DIESEL prices.
How much TAX we pay in terms of Excise Duty & VAT to central government & state government on Petrol & Diesel in HINDI.
Whats the international cost of crude oil in market & whats the REAL cost of petrol/diesel in INDIA after Petroleum refining processes. Why Government not allowing GST (Good & Service Tax) on Petrol & Diesel ?

Queries Solved:
1) How are fuel (petrol/diesel) prices decided in India ?
2) Total TAX on Petrol in INDIA
3) Reality of Petrol Price Hike in HINDI
4) Why is the government not cutting petrol and diesel prices ?
5) Untold Facts About Petrol Price in HINDI'
6) No Relief On Petrol Price Hike from Indian Government
7) GST - Goods & Services Tax on Petrol and Diesel ?

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