Monday, October 15, 2018

Paradox | ये पैराडॉक्स आपको सोचने पर मजबूर कर देगा | Predestination Paradox Explained In Hindi

Paradox | Predestination Paradox

A predestination paradox (also called causal loop, causality loop, and (less frequently) closed loop or closed time loop) is a paradox of time travel that is often used as a convention in science fiction.
A causal loop in the context of time travel or the causal structure of spacetime, is a sequence of events (actions, information, objects, in which an event is among the causes of another event, which in turn is among the causes of the first-mentioned event. Such causally-looped events then exist in spacetime, but their origin cannot be determined | Time Travel Videos


  1. What a fantastjc story it is very impresive and unique

  2. You are absolutely right, this kind of videos are really very much impressive

  3. I have seen predestination paradox movie two times to understand really it is very complicated movie ever, thanks to explain in hindi it really help me to understand fully


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