Saturday, October 13, 2018

Laws Of The Universe | पृथ्वी की वास्तविकता का भयानक सबूत आपको हिला देगा

Laws Of The Universe | Hello friends, we all wonder how and why the laws of Universe work and why they are way as they are! Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and many other scientists tried to decode the true nature of the Universe, but still we haven't found the unified Theory of Everything that can combine amazing General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. Speaking of today, we have the unknown, bizarre and the unreal Simulated Earth and Universe theory that can really question our true reality and that is what we discuss in detail in this video. We will also seek out the simulated reality proof by studying the double slit experiment, quantum theory, string theory, speed of light and other universe theories. We will also try to find out how many dimensions actually exist in physics and cosmology, and what is the true nature of space and universe and multiverse. Research has been done in the world on this computer simulation mysterious topic, and the shocking facts will let you be amazed. Watch the video in hindi till end to know more!

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