Saturday, October 13, 2018

Karma | गलत काम करने वाले इसे बिलकुल मत देखना | True Science Behind The Mystery Of Karma

Karma | गलत काम करने वाले ये वीडियो बिलकुल मत देखना (The True Science Behind The Mystery of Karma)

Hello friends, science shares wonder and curiosity for the laws of nature and that is why we have so many scientific discoveries and inventions. Karma is one such law that scientists have also researched on trying to uncover it's mysteries. Does karma work in real life? It's easy to see that karma works, but our research and investigation is to find out how exactly. In this video we do analysis of few cases and case studies that can help you our world better of how actions can create reactions. Your mind is the controller of your human body as we know in neuroscience, and what happens when you do karm (actions). Karma is also explained in ancient spirituality books as well like the Bhagavad Gita and others in India, but here we will analyze it scientifically. At the quantum level how particles behave and how the born's rule is applicable to the quantum mechanics in the world and universe, many unknown paradigms of human understanding can be explored. This will have an impact in the life of people for sure. Watch this interesting video in hindi till end to find out this hidden truth -

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  1. Insan ko hamesha achche kaam hi karne chahiye thanks for the nice post


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