Sunday, October 28, 2018

How To Join Illuminati | मैंने ‘ILLUMINATI’ खुद JOIN किया. ये हुआ उसके बाद

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How To join Illuminati | Hello friends, the world is a great place to live in, because of the rapid advances in science, technology, medical science, biology, and medicine etc has made human life easy. But as we explained in old illuminati video that some people fear a strange unknown secret organization that in their opinion control’s the world. We explained last time that are the Illuminati real or fake? We had analysis of historical data and investigation before proving the point.
Does this secret society real run the government and the world political leaders? It sound unbelievable but strange and interesting. The history of Illuminati is already known as it was an organization that wanted to promote rational and scientific thinking for the betterment of humans and human civilization. However weird or bizarre it may sound but that was proclaimed as the truth in the previous video. But today we are back with some more evidence to it and after some unique research on their website and their organizational structure and model, we have new insights.
Mysterious society illuminati in real life may just be an online community after all with commercial goals in mind, rather than wanting a new world order, which the old illuminati thought of. But that may be a conspiracy against them. Watch the entire video in hindi to know what happened when I joined the Illuminati website | Watch More Illuminati Videos

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  1. I knew it... it is a fake secret society.


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