Thursday, October 4, 2018

Debit Card | What is RuPay Card, VISA Card, MasterCard ? | Different Types Of DEBIT Cards

Debit Card | Hey Guys,
In this video i will explain you different types of ATM or Debit card used in INDIA like VISA Card, RuPay Card, Master Card.
Why Indian bank issue different Debit Cards & Whats the difference between these debit cards in HINDI.
You'll get to know the usages & benefits of VISA Card, MasterCard & RuPay card if you use these cards online or offline at any shop or marchant within INDIA.

Queries Solved:
1) What is RuPay Card ?
2) Difference Between VISA Card & MasterCard
3) Why we use Debit Cards in INDIA
4) What is NPCI & How it manage RuPay
5) How VISA Card, Master Card works
6) Different type of ATM Card
7) Which Debit card is better ? Visa or RuPay ?

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