Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Brain Science: चीज़ें डरावनी क्यों दिखाई देती है | Science Of Brain Behind Why Things Appear Scary

Brain Science | Hello friends, Human Brain is wonderful organ that has helped us animals survive since ancient times. Fear is a strong emotion necessary for our biology. But have you ever wondered what fear actually is? Why do things appear scary to us and what is the science behind it. Well, for that we will need to do some research and analysis in scientific fields like neurology, neuroscience, medical science and human biology. We will need to understand how the human mind works and how the chemistry within it drives action. Strange and mysterious also weird and creepy things bring fear within us because they make us feel unknown. And anything that is unfamiliar may be seen as a threat to our physiology. Our neurons fire a series of chemical reaction necessary for our survival. This video can help you overcome your fears and increase you mental health. Watch this entire interesting video in hindi to know more -

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