Thursday, October 11, 2018

Barcode | What is BARCODE ? | How To Read Barcodes | How Barcodes Works | In Hindi

Barcode | In this video i'll explain you what is Barcodes & How you can easily read the Barcodes Black & White lines in Hindi.
I'll explain you the meaning of different lines inside Barcode & How it works step by step in Hindi.
Who created this barcode & what is the cost of single Bar-code from GS1 INDIA.
How to Get #Barcode in India & what are the Types of Barcode used.

Queries Solved:
1) What are Barcodes ?
2) How Barcodes Works ?
3) How to read barcodes in Hindi
4) Who created Barcodes & which company manages these Barcodes
5) How to search Barcode Number Online Free
6) Types of Barcode in India
7) Why we need Barcodes System ?
8) How it is different from QR code ?

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