Tuesday, September 11, 2018

क्या रेप आरोपी पादरी को बचा रही है केरल सरकार? देखिए दंगल Rohit Sardana ...

Rape Accused | In Kerala, nuns are out on the streets, protesting against the Catholic Church, which they believe is trying to protect rape accused Father Franco Mulaykal. The accused father, who is a Bishop in Jalandhar, has not yet been arrested by the Kerala police despite being to the city a couple of weeks. Now, the nuns have taken the matter into their hands and are now seeking justice for the raped sister. As the issue rages on, Kerala MLA P.C. George's comments added more fuel, bringing the NCW into the picture. However, the big question still remains: why is the Kerala government reluctant to take any action? Are they trying to protect the Bishop under pressure from the Church? Rohit Sardana debates in today's dangal!

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