Friday, September 21, 2018

Parallel Universe Theory | नैनीताल की रहस्ययी पैरेलल यूनिवर्स की घटना | Vasu Bhanot | Indian Story

Parallel Universe Theory | Many parallel universe or multiverse cases has come up over the past decades that shows this theory actually exists. There is really a mirror dimension that many people claim they have experienced it. Today we're going to tell you a very strange and mysterious story of a person who claims that he had gone to the parallel universe. So sit tight and read.
This is a real story of an Indian person named Vasu Bhanot 33 who lives in Nainital India in 1965. He met with an unusual incident when he was going to meet his uncle at a remote location about 90kms, the name of that place was Satarali which was at the peak of the mountain Parallel Universe Videos

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